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On The Job - A Bag Full Of Brew
Band: On The Job
Land: Schweden
Titel: A Bag Full Of Brew
Cat.#: CR074
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Release: 2011-05
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/OnTheJob
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Nr. Titel Länge  
1 This is me 00:02:44
2 1680 00:02:26
3 Reclaim the streets 00:02:15
4 C.O.A.T 00:02:03
5 A bag full of brew 00:02:39
6 Constable Henry 00:02:30
7 Perfect girl 00:02:56
8 Summertime 00:02:42
9 Alive 00:01:35
10 Carlkrona drinking society 00:03:05
11 Hard as nails 00:02:44
12 Union 00:03:01
13 I'm a skinhead 00:02:04
Gesamtlänge: 00:32:44  

Bandworm Records - Bandworm Records
Pressure Magazin - http://www.pressuremagazine.de
Ugly Punk - http://uglypunk.de
Oi!Oi! Music Onlinezine - http://www.oioimusic.com/
According to the bio the band plays a mixture of rock'n'roll and 80ies Oi!, but they remind me a lot of some punk and Oi! bands from the 90ies (remember the first Knock Out compilations?). The first song is just weak, but the rest of the record consists of damn fine songs. Rock'n'Oi, punk, whatever; a gratifying record.
Crazy United Review - www.crazyunited.de
Punkrockfanzine - http://www.pogoradio.de/
Moloko Plus Online Zine - http://www.moloko-plus.de
Moloko Plus Online Zine - http://www.moloko-plus.de
OX Fanzine - http://www.ox-fanzine.de/web/rev/78321/r
oiofamerica - oiofamerica.blogspot
Contra Records / Longshot Music
12"vinyl / CD

Track Listing:

A1 This Is Me

A2 1680

A3 Reclaim The Streets

A4 C.O.A.T.

A5 A Bag Full Of Brew

A6 Constable Henry

A7 Perfect Girl

B1 Summertime

B2 Alive

B3 Carlskrona Drinking Society

B4 Hard As Nails

B5 Union

B6 I'm A Skinhead

Brash, proud, and in your face music...and that is just the first song This is Me. Here is another Swedish band that really knows what the fuck they are doing! A bag Full of Brew is an album full of great songs. I love their sound. To me it is a mix of The Cliches, Perkele and Evil Conduct with a tough 80's Oi sound tossed in to give it a tough edge and make their own sound. You really hear the Perkele sound on their second track 1680 an ode to the history of their hometown. This song even has a horn part that sounds great. The song Reclaim The Streets starts with a nice rock and roll intro filled by some tough Oi!. This track is an attack on hippies. Fucking love it.

I love drinking booze and from the sound of it, the song A Bag Full Of Brew, so do these boys. Straight forward anthemic easy to sing along to mid tempo drinking song that is fucking awesome.

The B side of this album, in my opinion, is the best of the two sides. Summertime is another great party song with a strong Perkele sound and driving bass...you will love this song about pride in one's homeland. Following this is the tough Alive with its dark sounding chorus. It really works. Carlskrona Drinking Society is a tribute to what they love: their friends and booze. Easy to sing-a-long and most skinheads can relate to the lyrics.

Hard As Nails is hands down one of the best songs on this album. This track has a nice hard edge to it. Driving drums and hard tough vocals. Nice big rough chorus. I have put this track on many play lists already. Union discusses the destruction of unions by corruption and money. They deliver this song in a dark mid tempo style with sweeping guitar parts. The vocals are also mid tempo and not rushed this really sets the mood of this song.

They finish the Oi! album up with (you can probably guess) a song about being a Skinhead. And a damn good one at that. " I'm Skinhead I'm skinhead don't you just know" echos through this song-along. This band will not let us forget our Skinhead Roots Oi!. I really like this album and cannot wait for more records by this band. I think that they are just going to keep getting better.
4.25 out o5 Oi!
For fans of Perkele, Oldfashioned Ideas, Evil Conduct, Cliches, and Booze & Glory.
Backstreet Battalion Skinzine - www.backstreetbattalion.com


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