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On The Job - Rock'n'Oi!
Band: On The Job
Land: Sweden
Titel: Rock'n'Oi!
Cat.#: CR041 new Layout on Vinyl
Release: 2013-04
Webseite: http://www.facebook.com/on.the.job.swede
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Track Listing:

A1 Rock 'N' Oi!
A2 Ready To Riot
A3 Fightin' Spirit
A4 Carry On
A5 Hopeless
A6 My War
B1 Rich Bastards
B2 Violent Conduct
B3 Hate Song
B4 A Night At The Disco
B5 Running From The Law
B6 Untitled

This album was originally released in 2009 by Contra Records on CD. Contra Records re-released it this year on Vinyl. I will say right now thank god they did. This record is great fun. Rock 'N' Oi! is On The Job's first full length record. They release A Bag full Of Brew in 2011. Also worth checking out.

They start the album of with the title track Rock 'N' Oi!. A solid banger that explains their sound.

" Take a pinch of Rock & Roll a spoonful of 80's Oi!, mix it with a beer or two and this is what you get" - Lyric from Rock 'N' Oi!

That line sums up their sound in a nut shell. Callous vocals and robust choruses drive the song home, or should I say to your local bar were this track should be played.
Mid-tempo with throbbing power Ready To Right has that classic Swedish sound. With lyrics that hearken back to the reckless wildfire of youth. Delivered with heart and soul that only come from honesty. Fighting Spirit brings rocking guitars and roaring beats. This is a track that shows that simple is usually best. Heartfelt lyrics of working for a living and surviving it with a drink and good friends. Nothing new just good.
Enraged drums and bass give us the intro from Carry On. What makes this song about rebellion against society work is the driving rhythm and the soaring choruses. A great sing-a-long track. With a dark foreboding attitude The song Hopeless delivers a tale of enraged youth with little options in life. The music is tight and the vocals are scorching. Fucking nice!
Rich Bastards deliver the fucking goods! a scathing attack on the rich and the state of the working class. Brutal drums push all the hate and rage right in to another strong chorus. The Hate Song gives us just that. A lyrical fuck you! Some may call it Juvenile, to them I say fuck you! You have never had rage in your heart. There is nothing sane or rational about it. It is pure, simple and white hot kinda like the guitar on this track.

Yet again On The Job has delivered a strong album chalked full of sing-along anthems and pounding songs of anger and frustration. Just Oi!

4.25 out of 5 Oi!'s
For fans of Perkele, Prins Carl, The Cliches, Old Fashioned Ideas, Evil Conduct and Booze & Glory.


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