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Pennycocks - Devils Kids & Gypsies
Band: Pennycocks
Land: Barcelona
Titel: Devils Kids & Gypsies
Cat.#: CR132
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Release: 2013-06
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Track listing:
A1 It&#180;s My Live
A2 I Need A Job
B1 Over Again
B2 Broken Nose

Grab a six pack of the best brew you got. Get your friends together and get ready to party. The Penny Cocks are back!!! They do not disappoint on the new record at all. Four tracks of well written punk tunes. They mix sounds of 77, Mod sounds, touches of Oi!, and a heavy heap of skill. The secret is they keep it simple. They do not over do any parts. The songs are well balanced and the music structure works well with the raspy vocals.
The album starts of with It's My Live. Tight rhythm bouncing bass lines and ice pick guitar lines. Ragged and catchy are the vocals as the singer gives us words of living free and doing what one wants. This style works well with the chorus that has a good dose of sugar on it.
I Need A Job gives a great display of his vocal power. The singer gives the feeling of desperation and frustration. The guitar is pure Rock & Roll peppering the sound with white hot riffs, that have been blasted out of a shotgun. For me it is the swing and thump of the bass that gets my heart pounding in to my chest!
Flip the album over and you get Over Again. Sweet and Sour that is how this track works. The sweet part: Honey dripped choruses and poppy hand claps. The sour part: Raw guitar parts that sound like The Cliches played them and pile driving drum sound. Over Again shows how well this band can craft songs with varied elements and make it amazing!!!!
Final track on the single is Broken Nose. With a mix of near crooning vocals that crescendo in to the chorus. This song is good it just did not grab me the way the other three tracks did. My only wish would be that the production in this EP was as good as the full length. The production is not bad just a little hollow at points. I think this will be one of my favorite bands for a while to come. So get on the internet and order up The Penny Cocks "Devils, Kids & Gypsies" it needs to be in a record collection near you!!

4.5 out of 5 Oi!'s
For fans of The Jam, The Clash, The Cliches, Perkele, The Q, and The Manics


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