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Razors in the Night  - Carry on!
Band: Razors in the Night
Land: (USA)
Titel: Carry on!
Cat.#: CR040
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Release: 2009-10
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/razorsboston
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Longshot Music / Contra Records
10" Vinyl
Hardcore / Oi!

Track Listing:

A1 Carry On!

A2 The Summers

A3 Get What You Give

A4 Did I Stutter?

B1 Hipster Holocaust

B2 Insufficient Funds

B3 I Scream!

B4 Skinheads Alright

** Rant Right The Fuck Now**
I am fucking sick of reading reviews and posts saying that Oi! bands with heavy hardcore influences are not very Oi! and not traditional. Almost all of this is directed at American bands due to the fact that a large part of our Skinhead scene came out of the hardcore scene of the early 80's. If you do not like hardcore, that is fine... just do not review a hardcore record. There are many records I do not review on this site because I don't like the genre and would not do a fair review for...it's allowed.

To those who think hardcore is not "traditional": In this country, it is very traditional to the Ameican skinhead sound. I know skinhead roots and I damn fucking know the roots of skinhead in this country. Just because it does not fit in to what you feel is traditional oi! does not make it any less real or skinhead in America. I think it my be the truest form of skinhead rock as it pertains to America. For fucks sake, Iron Cross was a hardcore band! This is why I feel America has the best bands around. The different sounds that you get out of the States are fucking great from Street Punk Oi! to traditional English sounding Oi!, To classic American Oi!, Jersey Oi!, Bands that sound like The Templars, Mod Oi! bands like Sydney Ducks, and yes Oicore. You do not have to like it, but you should respect the history of the sound.

And if you still want to be a pretentious asshole well go fuck yourself... I love American Oi! and all of its sounds.
** Soap Box Rant Over**

Razors In The Night are a Oicore band from Boston. They bring that heavy East Coast hardcore sound into every song. I saw these guys at the first 2000 Tons Of TNT fest in 2011. These guys have a ton of energy, even if the sound in the venue sucked...simply put, they brought it.

They start off with a guitar sound that is similar to the Discipline. Troy, the singer, growls and hollers through this song of skinhead pride. The chorus is actually very melodic and fits in nicely with the song.

The Summers starts of with a heavy hardcore intro and driving rhythm. Now this is what I am talking abou...this has that great NYHC sound that I love with great breakdowns and that thick sound. Good song about not giving up and standing tall...nothing new, just done well. Get What You Give continues the onslaught with a great call and response chorus. I love the thrashy guitar lead in the song. I think the song is about betrayal or the tolls of drug addiction on a friendship.

Did I Stutter is not a bad song but the line :"Use my fist to clean the clutter, You'll be dead in the gutter" makes me laugh. i just can't get behind that one, sorry. Other than that and the fact that song is not very clear, the music is ok.

As silly as the song title Hipster Holocaust may sound, I fucking love the sentiment of this song. I am 100% behind the tough thuggy lyrics on this battering ram style song. Fuck hipsters...when I go to bars I can't help but run into those shitheads with their pretty hair and vacant minds. Love this track.

Cool rocking intro on Insufficient Funds. I remember clearly what it was like to be in debt....we've all been there. My problem with the song is the chorus does not work. It gives the song a clumsy feel to it.

On I Scream they get back to what they do best: hardcore with touches of Oi!. I really like the feel of this track. I think the power and the drive of the song is full throttle.

They finish this album up with Skinheads Alright. Track starts with a good guitar intro and goes in to a nice midtempo Oicore feel. Yes, yet another anthem about being a skinhead and let me tell you, I still like songs about skinheads even at my age. I will say a lot of them are a little silly but, when done right, I still smile and dance around like I am a teenager again. This one is pretty good. Not a bad way to finish a album.

This record is not perfect, by any means. Inconsistent lyrics and some clunky musical parts abound, but there are still more good moments than bad. I would be really interested in checking out where this band goes with more practice in their craft. I think they are on the right track... just need to fine tune it.

3.5 out of 5 Oi!'s
For fans of Spider Crew, Step2Far, the Dscipline, and Oicore.


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