Brigade Loco - Ekintzek Dute Hitza 12"LP (PRE ORDER)

Reissue limited to 600 copies with completely renewed graphic art of the debut and self-released album "Ekintzek Dute
Hitza" by Brigade Loco, a band founded in Bergara in 2017.
This first album of energetic and fresh punk rock, with sounds that remind you of Never Surrender, The Friday's Crew,
Crim and Rude Pride, quickly found its place in all turntables, receiving a lot of good reviews, which allowed them to begin
to themselves as a reference in the growing Basque punk rock scene and in general in all the peninsula.
The album is full of critical and combative lyrics, and in the band's own words: “Living where we live and because of the
history of oppression suffered by our land, we believe that it is necessary and indispensable to talk about struggle. Adding
to this the rebellious and combative character that punk has, we could not ignore this spirit in our lyrics. Punk was born as
a protest, and that is how it should continue. That is why our songs are in Basque, and we talk about different struggles
such as the freedom of Euskal Herria, political prisoners or against capitalism”.

HFMN CREW / TAE Records / Kasete / Contra Records / Pirates Press

A1 Jaiki Hadi 3:48
A2 Iraultzaren Doinuak 3:06
A3 Aurrera Doa 3:17
A4 Zulo Beltza 3:19
A5 Aske Nahi Zaitugu 3:14
A6 Sorginak 2:56
B1 Jasaten Duguna 3:03
B2 Brigade Loco 3:02
B3 Elkarrengatik 3:38
B4 Bizitzaren Lehia 3:12
B5 Gaztelu Beltza 4:47
B6 Solo Pero En Control 4:01

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