Liberty & Justice - Top of the Scrapheap 12"MLP single sided-marbled

“You may all go to hell and I will go to Texas.” Davy Crockett said once but hell Liberty & Justice from Austin is coming to you!

Not only bringing the hammer down with their Empire Down split , tons of live shows all across the US,Canada and now Europe.
No, here's another Punch for all who wanna have their music simply sorted in a kinda “usual Genre".
Anabolic Oi! meets Hardcore ,a bit of Streetpunk topped with a Booverbeat but wait what's that they do even an Offbeat mixed with some Synth elements... give it up ,only God knows what comes next these guys have no time for Bad music!
ffo: Sheer Terror, Bullshit Detector, The Trouble ,No Time, The Royal Hounds…
A1 Disintegration
A2 Vulture Rock
A3 Anabolic Action
A4 Curtains
A5 Fatigue

press info:
100x solid black
400x bubblegum marble
40x bubblegum marble with screen printed cover
20x black with screen printed cover
21x Testpress with screen printed cover

Artikelnummer 18630-marbled
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Hersteller Contra Records
Genre Oi!/Punk, HC-Punk/Hardcore, Mod/Powerpop/Glamrock
Vinylcolour marbled
15,90 €
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