Lost Boys - Work. Life. Regret. 7"EP

"This 7” is another cut ‘n slash burst of no-nonsense, fast snot-punk.
A revved up tandem of garage and early 80s hardcore styles, although slowing it a tad for “Some Won’t Come Back Tonight.” The perfect complement to the caffeine surging through my veins at the moment.
And if you remember that song by Rockwell, “Somebody’s Watching Me” (I’d rather not), the same kind of paranoia rings through the lyrics of “They’re Watching,” but they also note that folks aren’t watching the watchers and satisfied with their complacency on “Keep Your Smile.”
The cover choice is also inspired—a bolt through MIA’s “I Hate Hippies,” an early song from those guys that hasn’t been flogged to death elsewhere."
-Al Quint, Suburban Voice webzine.

A1 Keep Your Smile
A2 They're Watching
A3 I Hate Hippies
B1 Some Won't Come Back Tonight

Includes double-sided insert with lyrics, artwork and liner notes.


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Genre HC-Punk/Hardcore
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