Nachpressung des seit Jahren vergriffenen 1. und 2. Albums nach über 10 Jahren wieder erhältlich!

Both bands are the living proof that the "unadjusted" and "anti-social" attribute aren't owned by the aging "everything was better in the old days" veterans.
Oi! Ain't Dead!

American - Canadian Double Crosscheck! When giants collide:
In the red corner there is THE PROWLERS from Montreal and on the other hands side there is THUNDER AND GLORY from Philadelphia.

Summit meeting of the New Jersey Oi! veterans BROKEN HEROES and the Berlin Streetpunk Bulldozer THE DETAINED.
You'll get what you deserve and expect: Powerful Oi! and Punk plus a small dose of Hardcore: all in all it's hard as nails music from the streets.

From Los Angeles, USA mighty: Vis Vires vs.  Basque Country: Kaleko Urdangak.Expect a punch out on both sides,the young wild against the barbarians?For sure is only there will no surrender!