We have front man Raybo, who is able to write deep and impressive texts and has of course one of the most remarkable voice of the scene, there is Noah Lysek on drums, there is Pat Hall and Brian Celi on guitars - they all were former members of the O.C. Punk legend named above. Plus Richard Zaydel on Bass. Streetdate 15.10.2019

CONCRETE BOLLOCKS is a band which perfectly fit in the footprints of Punk heavyweights like ONE WAY SYSTEM, THE VARUKERS, THE BLOOD or SPECIAL DUTIES to name a few. Streetdate 15.10.2019

Two exclusive songs per outfit are included on this release: Each has its own number and a cover version. OUT NOW!!!

 Stripped-down hardcore punk with 80s basics and 90s Eastside (of Germany) spirit. 6 songs, pleasant "underproduced", less is clearly more here.  OUT NOW!!!