Questions & Answers with THE YOUNG ONES

"Cream Of The Crop" is your newest output and was released early April 2020. What has changed since "Greatest Hits Vol.2"?

“Cream of the crop” is our newest album. The only line up change was one that took some time before settling down. Jasper who played the drums on “greatest hits...” left the band and was replaced by our longtime friend and awesome drummer Youri. We played some great shows with him but unfortunately he couldn’t find enough time to stay with us. So after he drummed on COTC he quit and we played a bunch of shows with another good friend and great drummer Yannick. But since he is a professional drummer in a few bands he also couldn’t stay with the band permanently. Lucky for us he knows almost every drummer in our area and he brought us in contact with a young guy called Lenno van Galen who is also an awesome drummer and a cool dude to have in the band. We hope he will stick around!!!

Apart from that no great changes were made. We recorded again with Igor Wouters because he knows us inside out and is perfectly able to catch the sound we are looking for. He is such a fucking great and talented producer, we never want to work with anyone else! We never record in a studio. He just brings his equipment to wherever we can find a space and record. Sometimes it’s in our rehearsalroom, but sometimes also just in someone’s basement.

Actually the whole world seems to go insane about the Corona situation. Hope you guys are alright?! Does this situation affect you guys right now? Any shows / tours cancelled? Are you afraid of whats coming up regarding the virus? And wow about the situation in the Netherlands?

The coronavirus fucked up a few gigs we were really goddamn looking forward to! We were supposed to do three shows in Spain with our buddies from Lion’s Law, but they were cancelled obviously. I hope the coronavirus dies of aids, fucking party spoiler. And we were supposed to play with The Exploited in Belgium, but that also went down the shittube. Fortunately we and our families and friends are doing fine. I hope you all are doing fine as well.

Staying home, Lockdown - How do you spend your “free” time? Any recommendations for boring weekends? Are you playing Playstation or similar (which games?), do you have some Netflix / Amazon Prime / Disney+ recommendations? What are your top 3 movies ever? Some Young Ones songs are about MILFs and pornstars, let me know your top 3 pornstars of all time!

I don’t think any bandmembers play videogames. We do watch a lot of Netflix. There are so many cool series on there, I don’t know where to begin. Personally I really like almost all Scandinavian thriller series, but also Better call Saul, Ozark, Tiger King was also a great documentary. Movies you should definitely watch: Lock, stock and two smoking barrels, Pulp Fiction and Trainspotting. As for pornstars: Why a top 3? Gianna Michaels. If you want a top 3, then Gianna would be on 1, 2 and 3.

The Young Ones often will get compared to the Cockney Rejects. Are the Rejects your main influence? Name your top 5 records of all time in Oi! & Punk and your top 3 records beside those genres?

Cockney Rejects are definitely our biggest inspiration! We just love that band, always have, always will. So, in no particular order five of our favorite Oi!/punk albums:

- Cockney Rejects - Greatest hits vol. 2
- Cock Sparrer - Shock troops
- The Blitz - Voice of a generation
- The Ejected - A touch of class
- Hard Skin - Same meat different gravy

During the last years, the band was quite active. Name your favorite shows within the last 3 years?

We did quite a few gigs and they were all really cool so it is difficult to pick three favorites. That’s why we pick five, but in no particular order:

Club Famu - Prague, Czech Republic
The Sound of Revolution - Eindhoven, NL
Oi! This is Tegelen - Tegelen, NL
Conne Island supporting Perkele - Leipzig, DE
Beach Beer & Chaos - Badalona, Catalunya

What is coming next for you guys?

We hope that we can promote our new album after this Corona shit is over and play a lot of cool gigs. Also there is talk of contributing to a sampler of Oi! bands from allover the world. We hope people will enjoy our album our live shows and that we will see all of you again soon.
Stay safe, stay cool and CHEERS!

“Cream Of The Crop” was released on April 17th on 12” vinyl, limited to 500 units and is available in 3 different vinyl colours. Also available on Spotify and digital platforms.