Questions & Answers with THE ELITE

"Reason For My Sin" is your debut release on vinyl. Can you please introduce the band? As far as I know, the band started with a girl on vocals and you’ve already had recorded a demo with her. Why she left?

We are a 3 piece Oi! Band from Buffalo, NY. Members - Nick Terlecky (Vocals, Guitar), Mason Hutchins (Bass), and Eric Ellman (Drums). When I first started the band in 2018 it was more a hardcore/punk band with some Oi! Influence, and I asked our friend at the time to sing for it. That lineup did not work out and we didn’t see eye to eye, so we moved forwardas a 3 piece and I decided to make The Elite a full blown Oi! band with myself on vocals.

Why did you choose the name "The Elite" - as there are a couple of bands out there with the same name? Did you know about the scene "famous" band called “The Elite” from the 90s with members of Cock Sparrer and The Business?

I got the name from a line in one of my favorite songs “Attack” by Blitz. I was aware of the other Elite / I am also a massive Cock Sparrer and The Business fan but it just felt like a good fit at the time.

Actually the whole world is going insane about that Corona / COVID 19 situation. I hope you guys are alright? Does this situation affect you guys right now? Any shows or tours cancelled? Are you afraid of whats coming up regarding the virus?

Yes it affects us all personally and also as a band but trying to keep a positive outlook. We have a lot of badass things going on / in the works for The Elite, we are using this downtime productively.

Staying home, “Lockdown” - How do you spend that free time? Any recommendations for boring weekends? Playstation? Any Netflix/Amazon Prime/Disney+ recommendations? Whats your top 3 movies ever?

I’m a landscaper, so luckily I still have work and a lot of shit to do / keep me busy. I am trying to get around to watching that Hunters show that came out recently, sounds right up my alley. My top 3 movies, Rambo: First Blood, Rocky, Inglourious Basterds.

The Elite play a great mix of Oi!, Punk & Hardcore. Let me know your top 3 records of each of that genres!

Instead here’s my top records: Oi! Oi! Music! - The Oppressed / At Folsom Prison - Johnny Cash / Voice of a Generation - Blitz / Give ‘Em Enough Rope - The Clash / Bomber - Motörhead / Short Cuts - The Brass / Don't Forget The Struggle Don't Forget The Streets - Warzone

You've been just back from a tour with Lenny Lashley, right? Any good or funny stories to tell?

We’ve definitely got some stories from that run, gotta keep those to myself. I will say both Ruben and Lenny were extremely generous to us and great company on the road, looking forward to the next one.

What is coming next for you guys?

All I’ll say for right now is that we have a lot of great shit in the works, with great people behind us. I’m very excited.

- Nick Terlecky

“REASON FOR MY SIN” is out now on 7” vinyl as a co-production with our friends in INSURGENCE RECORDS from Canada. Check our webshop for details!