Opció K-95 - Terra Cremada 12"LP

Vinyl reissue of the third album by the Catalan Redskin Oi band Opció K-95. This album was originally released on CD only in 2004 with two versions: Fire And Flames for Germany and Bullanga Records for Catalonia. This reissue comes with the German Beck’s Pistols cover of the song „No Sóc Espanyol“, which curiously appears on the German version of the CD (Fire And Flames, 2004), but does not appear on the Bullanga Records version. 14 tracks.

A1 Rosa De Foc
A2 Colpeja Un Per Aturar A Cent
A3 BCN 12-0
A4 Working Class Hell
A5 Estem Farts
A6 Es Per Tu
A7 We're Free
B1 N 12
B2 Nation Of Oi!
B3 Angoixa
B4 La Victòria Depèn De Tu
B5 Impacte
B6 Bandera Negra
B7 No Sóc Espanyol

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