Split Arrows - View Towers 12"LP lim. 300 blue jay

The creative juices never stop flowing in Victoria, BC, Canada. There must be something in the water there, as SPLIT ARROWS is the latest project to come from there, and it is nothing short of incredible. The obvious and easy comparison would be to NO HEART which is at the core of this band, but vocal duties have been taken over by Yung John so that Mike can really excel at the mod-inspired guitar work that is woven into the NO HEART sound. So turn up the jangle and fire up that drum and bass and top it off with some angst-filled vocals and you have some maximum mod rock’n’roll here.

Side A:
1. Distant World
2. Modern Youth
3. See It, Feel It
4. Is Your Radio Active?
5. Holding On (The Burial)

Side B:
1. Wanted It All
2. On The Run
3. Can You Feel The Beat
4. Dial Tone
5. Society

300pcs. - 12" Bluejay Vinyl

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