Young Ones,The - Out With The Bois 12"LP lim.50 with extra foil print cover

50 x black cover, black vinyl with white foil print, all handmade by Contra Textile printing

The Young Ones celebrating their 20 Years Anniversary!!!
Contra Records is re-issuing their first 2 Releases .

A band whose members can’t hit a ball but still sing about football with abandon as if they invented it.
A band whose members are still virgins and still sing about having had sex with Gianni Michaels.
A band whose members can barely speak (let alone understand) their own mother tongue but still dare to shout their lyrics in a flat foreign dialect.
Those are great heroes. Those are the Young Ones.
For 20 years no idea what they are doing and have been able to sling that perfectly perfect on their records for 20 years.
These are big men.
These are the Young Ones.
“Fake it till you make it” and goddamn they did.
What a band.
What legends.
With love, The Young Ones!
Artwork: @ramon_gd_art

A1 One More For The Boys (2:28)
A2 Football Violence (2:04)
A3 Memories In My Heart (2:00)
A4 Tony The Top Geezer (2:32)
A5 Live For The Weekend (2:14)
A6 Stranger (2:26)
B1 MILF (01:34)
B2 Against Society (01:46)
B3 Jefke (01:47)
B4 M-Town (03:34)
B5 A Love Story (01:42)
B6 Bloody Copper (02:57)

press info:
250 x black vinyl;
200 x Golden Nugget
50 x black cover,black vinyl white foil print
17 x Testpress white cover blk foil

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