LVGER - FVLL_VILLAIN 12”LP lim. 300 white with black splatter (Contra EU version)

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Their 2019 self titled debut album was well received and a positive surprise in subculture music.
To describe the sound of LVGER was a real challenge for reviewers.
"Full Villain" does not make it easier in 2020:
"Hard Street Rock N' Roll" is probably a term which fits best, these guys from New York open a few categories in music - from 70s Hard Rock to Doom to British Heavy Metal - roasted in aggressive behavior and brutal singing.
If your taste in music pends between BATTLE RUINS, BLACK SABBATH, CRO MAGS and MOTÖRHEAD, then you should definitely give LVGER a chance.

1. Full Villian
2. The Leech
3. Get Out
5. Read My Mind
6. Two Heads
7. Never Surrender
8. Psycho Machine
9. Angel Choke

press info:
100 x white (BZRKR US version)
200 x black (LSM US version)
300 x white with black splatter (Contra EU version)

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