„Fighting against lions!“ Catchy, driven PunkCore/Streetpunk bastard made in Dresden, Germany. "Young angry punx" in the spikey tradition of VIRUS, HAVOC, CHEAP SEX & Co., UK'82 hits U.S. Street punk. After various releases ("Burning streets" 7", splits with the OLDFASHIONED IDEAS and CHEAP STUFF etc.) finally the long overdue debut longplayer : 12 songs, english sung, with angry topics. "No rules, just reasons", "Burning streets", "You love is dead". Harsh anti-system lyrics against stupidity and fear. Packed in rippin’ EXPLOITED style staccato guitar riffs, served with a passion for good melodies, mighty Terraces singalongs, barking backing vocals.
Limited vinyl press (200 red/black splattered, 300 black) on CONTRA/STEELTOWN/LONGSHOT MUSIC (U.S.A.) and CD (CONTRA/ANARCHRONISMEN).