SUBCULTURE - AIN'T DONE... lim300 haze 7" EP

These guys must have found Marty McFly's time machine from the "Back To The Future" movies! Adjust "Year 1983" - Go! That would be a logical explanation for the sound of these Band. You simply can not play that old sound today. Didn't you? Original guitarist Dean in his own words:

"we use some vintage amps and guitar gear and so on but that is not really how we get our sound, its more a basic approach to recording and mixing the tracks. We just sound the way we do because the songwriting and arrangement process is the same as it was in 1983 - quick and simple and
 not overworked, and because we grew up on old school punk like the Clash, The Pistols, The Jam and the Rejects, so its no surprise that we have elements of all those bands in our sound. We refrain from using lots of effects and tricks that come with modern recording software like Pro Tools and stick to just mic'ing the gear up, tracking as a band at stage volume with as few takes as possible, otherwise it gets stale. We leave in any honest mistakes, it doesn't matter if bit of guitar is not quite in sync with the hi hat or whatever for a brief moment, cos that's what makes it sound real.  It's then mixed with minimal effects, just a bit of reverb here and there. If it sounds good after a basic mix then
we leave it. You can mess about with mixes all day, but if you do that too much, it just makes it sound overdone... you have to know when to say stop, that's it!."

On "Ain't Done Nothing Wrong" you will get four brand new songs, all of them sound very relaxed and melodic, very british at all, all mid-tempo, four wonderful arranged old school treasures!



300 SOLID 'BONE'with BLACK Haze
100 Bone
100 black vinyl
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