Those Unknown - Contribution - lim.367 black 7"EP

THOSE UNKNOWN! Remember the early to mid 90´s: The - now legendary - label HEADACHE RECORDS represented  a very special sound - some call it "New Jersey American Oi!". Bands such as NIBLICK HENBANE, THE WRETCHED ONES, HEADWOUND or THOSE UNKNOWN were some of the first names who come to mind when people were talking about that sound .

Now, 2014: years gone by, times have changed and in the meantime singer Bill Owens had moved to the West Coast, where he re-animated the band with some local friends. And what can i say is that the result is overwhelming! The songs on "Contribution" sound exactly like from a hidden studio session back in 1993! Owens lives, feels and sweats the "Working Class", or better the "Us against them" mentality and is able to express that in his songs. THOSE UNKNOWN in 2014 is exactly that what you expect!

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148 transparent wax
367 black wax
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