Trenchkoat - Pulling The Plug On Humanity 12"LP

The debut from this London/Freiburg hardcore punk band grabs you kicking and screaming into the depths of their dark and twisted world. Like the opener states you are relentlessly bludgeoned with blunt force trauma. The vocals are unleashed with venom and spit like a hellhound frothing at the mouth. Thunderous drums, thick basslines, and nasty riffs bring you closer to the lurker in the dark. The lead guitar slashes through each track like the grim reapers scythe allowing this monster of a record to shine and adding some light to this blackened punk onslaught.  For reference start with some nasty hardcore, chuck in a sprinkling of classic NWOBH and garnish with some KBD punk and you have a meal that will keep your hunger at bay.  Each copy comes with a 16-page A4 booklet with artwork which is unique to each track, grab your copy now before you regret it! FFO – Bootlicker, Hellhammer, Angel Witch, Chain Whip, Motorhead, The Dogs.
(NFT/ 2023)

A1 Blunt Trauma
A2 Nightmare Factory
A3 Acid Rain
A4 Dismantle The Machine
A5 Room Lurker
A6 Death Simulation
A7 Out Of The Darkness
B1 Basement Naplam
B2 Mediocrity Matrix
B3 Moral Tormentor
B4 Grudge Holder
B5 Brutal Authority
B6 Digging A Hole For Eternity

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