Young Ones,The - Our Nose In Their Business 7"EP lim. 400 Black

THE YOUNG ONES? Are we talking about these guys called "THE YOUNG ONES", who entered the scene 10 years ago as a small "Oi! Sensation" but disappeared shortly after releasing a few top quality records?
Yes, these guys are back!
The boys don't disappoint, they play exactly the same classic style which is heavily influenced by bands such as THE COCKNEY REJECTS, HARD SKIN or THE STRIKE.
Tight and melodic, four new songs which will be stuck in your head for days about drinking, sex and fun.
Nothing more, nothing less, it's music to forget your problems and to have a pint (or two) at the bar with your friends.
THE YOUNG ONES were 4 guys back in the days, now they introduced Merijn (known from BANNER OF THUGS or now as the "new" singer in DISCIPLINE) as their new bass player.

A1 Johnny Wanker
A2 Miss Plum

B1 The Cross-Eyed Butcher
B2 Joey Stitches

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