Zanzara - I Fedeli Aspettano Senza Chiedere Il Perché 12"LP

Zanzara are back with their second LP! Zanzara (mosquito), based in London but singing in Italian, was a project that was originally formed in Salerno (Italy) in 2018. Some initial recordings were made then, but the band was fully formed during the first lock-down in May 2020. Zanzara's sound is quirky, personal and with a refreshing touch with post-Punk beats, these primitive and repetitive rhythms create songs that have a raw sound that seems to be taken straight from the 80s. Blitz would probably be the most obvious reference, as there are definitely aspects of their Punk and post-Punk style from "Second Empire Justice" and "The Killing Dream" on Zanzara. Another big influence is Camera Silens, with a lot of melody in the sound without losing an ounce of power. It's not surprising either that the Italo-English sound is influenced by the likes of Nabat or early Klasse Kriminale, although they can also remind you of bands taken from "Chaos en France" along with a good dose of post-Punk riffs, lo-fi production and killer melodies. "I Fedeli Aspettano Senza Chiedere Il Perché" offers us eleven new tracks that sound authentic, teary-eyed, melancholic, oozing sadness with a raw lo-fi sound, with vocals and backing vocals that seem to be rescued from the basement of disillusionment. Even though it may seem to be immersed in the same song that goes on throughout the eleven tracks of the album, it contributes to trap you but at the same time it is pleasant, captivating, surrendered and trapped, whose only way out is to listen again to songs like "Ogni Porta È Chiusa", "Il Futuro In Rovina", "Strangolato" or "Una Scossa Al Sistema". An album that deserves to be listened to again, again, again and again... 11 tracks! Limited edition to 300 copies, 100 of them on blue vinyl.

  1. Non c'è più scelta
  2. Il potere della paura
  3. Senza motivo
  4. La fine della strada
  5. Una scossa al sistema
  6. Ogni porta è chiusa
  7. La testa abbassata
  8. Strangolato
  9. Il futuro in rovina
  10. Da nessuna parte
  11. Le barriere sono cadute
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