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American Oi blogs qoute:
Longshot Music / Contra Records
Bringing the steelcap thunder from Seattle, WA is JUNTO, a brand new outfit that consists out of members of BFA,
otherwise known as Big Foot Accelerator. Immediately charmed by the first rough mixes I heard from this quartet,
their self-titled debut, a four-track EP for Longshot Music and Contra Records,
instantly lifts these guys to the next level, delivering a brickwall powerhouse from start to finish!

JUNTO kicks this slab of wax off fiercely with opening track “Blood Hits The Water”,

a strong skinhead rock anthem with roaring vocals that immediately sets the tone for the remaining part of the EP!

No time to rest though, because followed up by “Violent Reaction” these guys put the pedal to the metal for a brutal,

and indeed violent, stomper bound to let the weak walk off the dancefloor bloody, battered and bruised!

Massive ‘Oi! Oi!’s’ included, this song rips it up in barely two minutes!

On the flipside you’ll find “Barbed Hooks” first, kicking out some more of that lionhearted rock and Oi!,

this track is yet another powerful outburst with some superb guitar riffs and solos! Last, but certainly not least,

is “Ticket To Nowhere”, a tried and true anthem that makes you release all the bullshit of a week’s work

under three minutes with clenched fists, an evil look and loudly singing along!

Be on the lookout for these guys, because the
JUNTO boys delivered a mighty strong debut that should be on every reader of this page’s radar!


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