Aggressive - "Unbreakable" - 12"GF-LP lim.100 Wooden-Box Set

Limited 100pieces (available: 50x Band / 50xContra Records), includes:

1x (handprinted) Screenprinted Wooden-box
1x 12"Gatefold Vinyl in black
1x 75x75cm Backdrop
1x Metal-Pin
1x 12"- Slipmat
+ Stickerset

Comes again in a high-quality gatefold cover and in 3 different vinyl colors and a limited screen printed- wooden box!

The Ruhrpott Steamroller is finally back on the road. It's been three years since their second long player “Stick Together” was released.
Three years in which a lot has happened in our society and that has left its mark on the Band.
"Unbreakable" has become a really angry chunk.
In 14 songs, the band really pukes itself and, musically, in terms of hardness and aggression, have added a few steps compared to “Stick Together”.
The band name really lives up to it.
Aggressive have managed to keep all their trademarks and to expand them. "Unbreakable" offers everything from "in your face" klopper to an anthem. In addition there are the always very good and melodic solos and the choruses, which are often provided with fat gang vocals.
The disc will be opened by “Carry on. No intro, no prisoners, straight to the chopping board, "Three Minutes" hits the same line. The guys have a lot of anger that has to get out of there immediately.
What is noticeable is that Daniel's singing has improved a lot. There's more volume in there, it's deeper and less screechy overall. I find it very strong, only with "Not just me and you" it still occurs to me excessively.
The title track and “Venom”, my secret hit, are also such high-speed projectiles that they immediately carve into the frontal lobes that you want to smash something right away.
“Times”, on the other hand, is a hymn to the gentleman, and I can already see the people shouting along in front of the stage. Really fat thing. For me, “Wonderful World” is still an absolute highlight.
From the basic mood it gives a feeling like the movie Falling Down and is simply a nihilistic, grueling roller. Lyrically a mixture of sarcasm and disappointment. I think of the New Yorkers at SFA.
The song actually turned out to be a bit short for me, it should have been more expansive.
Of course, the German-language song shouldn't be missing, I'm not that much of a fan of, but it works quite well here. The piece is called “Glanz und Gloria” and revolves around the “scene”. Has strong Stars and Stripes vibes, which fits the topic.
It gets emotional on the final track. "Meet again" is already known from the limited and quickly sold out single and is dedicated to a deceased friend. Goosebumps.
Aggressive played all their strengths on "Unbreakable" and set the bar extremely high in terms of streetcore and every other release will have to be measured against the disc. I don't think that the disc will be topped in 2021.
Well done gents.

translated - original written in german by: Roland Badoreck / Crazy United

A1 Carry On
A2 Three Minutes
A3 End of the Story
A4 Unbreakable
A5 Protect
A6 Times
A7 Crashed
B1 Punch in the Face
B2 Better Days
B3 Glanz und Gloria
B4 Venom
B5 Not just Me _ You
B6 Wonderful World
B7 Meet Again

Press info:
200x solid black
100x orange black marbled Band excl. Edt.
100x white black marbled
100x limited screen printed- Wooden Box with black Vinyl + Slipmat,75x75cm Backdrop,Metal-Pin and Stickers

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Weight 1,8 kg
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Manufacturer Contra Records
Genre Oi!/Punk, HC-Punk/Hardcore
Vinylcolour black
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